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A note from Coach Ashley and Coach Jon…

As we look back to the week of March 9th, we just returned home from NCA,were preparing for UCA, and working on routine upgrades for OCMD. We were in thepeak of our season. Then, in the blink of an eye, it all stopped. We were in the middleof a global pandemic with no control and no clear end in sight. Although this is trulydisheartening, sometimes you need to step back, reevaluate, and just have to begrateful for what we do have.

With that being said, everything happens for a reason no matter how bad thingsmay seem. F​or those of you who are fortunate enough to cheer next year, whether itbe at Rockstar Cheer New Jersey or on the collegiate level, we ask you one thing.Please use this experience to motivate yourself for the future. Never take a teambonding, practice, choreography session, or competition for granted. Learn toappreciate the toughest of practices as well. Live out each and every moment to theabsolute fullest. Push yourself and give your full effort every time you have theopportunity to do so. You’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish with mindset.

While all enter the 2020/2021 season here at Rockstar Cheer New Jersey, wechallenge you to change your mindset, as we all know, that in a blink of an eye, it canbe taken away.


Yours Truly,

Coach Ashley and Coach Jon

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