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Just a little Wednesday warmth for you guys.

First off what an amazing weekend we had at Battle at the Boardwalk. Everyone coming in at top 5 and even a 1st place win for our lil Boss Babies!!!!

While we keep the momentum going there’s something I just want you guys to think about. Social media is an awesome place to share thoughts, funny memes and pics with family friends. It also is a place where people can hide behind shade, bullying and negativity.

In light of all the things we all have been through since August. Now is the time to move ahead. People are still VERY bitter and have negative intentions towards your athletes, coaches, parents and the gym YOU represent. I encourage you all before you comment on someone’s post, please read the post in it’s entirety. I’ve read some recent posts over the last few weeks, that start off amazing, but in between they are outright bashing the gym that you are representing. Then we send well wishes and comments and it is just a bad look towards your athlete. It makes it appear that you support the negativity (which we know you don’t)

Now I know everyone can comment, post on whoever’s page because that’s your right. But while your intentions are good in the same post the author may be trying to stir up drama and negativity and our parents are in the comments.

We love our babies and we want the best for all of them even the ones that moved on, but if I read a post that is gaslighting where my kid is a part of, I’m sorry I have to scroll past.

So can you do your athlete a HUGE favor….begin to post and brag on them…brag on their coaches, and their gym. This is who they are representing this year. Let’s cancel out the drama and the negativity…it’s about the kids 1st. And please please if you see or read a post that is subliminally being negative to our gym scroll past. Every time we support these posts we knock down our kids!!!!

Now…..let’s get ready because we have ALOT of work to do within these next four weeks. We need to collect trophies and jackets!!! Bids and things!!!!!!

P.S. don’t know about you but I’m still recouping from screaming this past weekend 😂

Love you guys and make the rest of this week count!!! 💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜

Nikki Massey

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